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Our therapists work with clients on their mutually agreed upon treatment goals. Cessation from eating disorder behaviors is an integral part of the treatment plan. Identifying underlying psychological and emotional issues is key in treating an eating disorder, as well as learning and practicing adaptive coping skills.  

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition counseling is an essential part of eating disorder treatment. Our philosophy at THRIVE is that all foods fit. The nutritionist works with the client to develop a healthy relationship with food and normalize their eating behaviors. We accomplish this with meal planning, reducing rigidity with food selection, food exposures, navigating social media, and challenging today’s diet culture. If weight restoration is part of the treatment plan, the nutritionist and client work together to meet weight goals. The nutritionist also provides nutrition education and coaching to family and loved ones.

Psychiatric Assessments

THRIVE offers in-person psychiatric evaluations as part of the multidisciplinary approach. In the event that medication is recommended as part of the treatment plan, our psychiatrist will monitor and manage a client’s medication. The psychiatrist will also screen for co-occuring psychiatric conditions and make appropriate treatment recommendations.

Group Therapy

THRIVE offers group therapy as one of the treatment modalities. The group experience offers peer support which enriches the recovery process. A healing community can have a powerful and positive impact for the client. Some of our group topics include: body image, art therapy, food exposures, relapse prevention, college preparedness, multi-family group.

Family Psychotherapy

Our therapists provide eating disorder education and coaching to parents, siblings, and loved ones. Parents and loved ones are part of the team approach. Their support and participation is vital to a successful recovery outcome. Family work often encompasses opening communication and strengthening relationships within the family.

Eating Disorder Assessment and Diagnosis

If you or your loved one is concerned that you may be struggling with disordered eating or an Eating Disorder, the clinicians at THRIVE can conduct an assessment.  Eating disorders are often difficult to recognize and require a thorough intake by a specialist. After the assessment process, treatment recommendations are made and a treatment plan is developed. In the event that a higher level of care is needed, we can assist in the process by providing referrals, consulting with the programs, and supporting you or your loved one throughout the process.

The path to improved mental health can be overwhelming. We are happy to answer any questions and guide you through this process.

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