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Debbie Chrabolowski, MS, LPC

Debbie is an experienced and dedicated clinical therapist specializing in treating eating disorders. With over two decades of expertise, she provides counseling services to preadolescents, adolescents, and adults, helping individuals overcome these challenging conditions.

My Story

Debbie is a licensed clinical therapist who provides counseling to preadolescents, adolescents, and adults. She received her masters degree in Professional Counseling in 1997 from Georgia State University, after graduating with a degree in Psychology from Emory University. She is a nationally certified counselor and a member of IADEP, International Association of Eating Disorders.

Debbie has been treating those suffering from eating disorders for the past 20 years. The start of her training was in an inpatient setting at Silver Hill hospital, where she worked with every eating disorder diagnosis, mostly in a group setting. She then moved to an outpatient setting at a large group practice. 75% of Debbie's practice consisted of seeing individuals with eating disorders. After 14 years at this practice, she was ready to form a group that would solely focus on helping people with this illness.

Debbie primarily uses a cognitive-behavioral approach to treating eating disorders, focusing on symptom elimination, uncovering underlying issues, and learning/practicing effective coping strategies. She is also trained in EMDR, a psychotherapy treatment for trauma, which she uses to resolve the trauma that often underlies an eating disorder. Debbie is very goal oriented, and works to make sure that each session is a productive one.

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